Friday, September 23, 2005

Crested Saguaro

I've been neglectful in posting, I know. But I've been very busy and exhausted. Don't think I don't feel guilty every day for not writing, because I do. That's how I am. It's disgusting.

Anyway, last Saturday, I took Stoker to the Garden. Obviously. Who wouldn't? It's free, because I work there, but normally it's $10! If you can believe it (I wouldn't lie to you). So we think a free trip to the garden on the weekend is a pretty sweet deal and wanted to take advantage of it. And we'll take advantage of it several more times, I'm sure. They have many festivals and celebrations there, and apparently some people actually pay to be members. I don't know how much it is, but I think it must be rather expensive.

For the most part it's a relaxing place -- unless of course it's one of those sweltering, punishing days and you nearly die of heat stroke in spite of the shade. When you're there you don't feel like you're in Phoenix, that is, except for the airplanes landing at Sky Harbor and the occasional swarm of helicopters flying over head. I don't understand it, sometimes there are five or six helicopters hovering over the same spot, as if they're looking for an escaped prisoner or elephant (the zoo is right next door to the Garden. Over there, they probably call it the Zoo, with a capital 'z'). But overall, I feel lucky to be able to spend part of my day at the Garden.

Anyhoo. I just wanted to post a photo of me in my favorite t-shit. Kidding. That's not all. I wanted to show off my sweet hat. Joking. But honestly, that IS my favorite t-shit, and that is a pretty damn sweet hat. I got it in Cabo (during the ol' honeymoon). Really what I want you to see is the amazing crested saguaro in the background. It grows that way because of a genetic mutation, I think. Supposedly they don't know (that's what someone told me at the Garden). But I assume it's a genetic mutation similar to how a four-leaf clover is a genetic mutation occuring in a three-leaf clover. These crested saguaros are rare, but the Garden has three. They transplant them and stuff. As many of you probably know, saguaros only grow in the Sonoran desert and they're pretty damn cool, if I do say so myself.

FYI -- I got another job at a health food store and I'll be dividing my time between it and the Garden. I'm actually looking forward to learning about nutrition. You know, vitamins, minerals, herbal supplements and all that stuff. It's nice to be working. Mostly. If only for the reason of financial security, because as you all know, I'd rather be at home playing Xbox and computer games.

AND, just to show you that I AM an adaptable creature, Arizona isn't so bad once you get through the blistering hot months. Last week the temperatures were down in the 90s, which is beautiful when compared with 105-110. But this week the mercury was back up there in triple digits and I've wilted like a sick flower. I'll be recuperating this weekend by resting up in a comfortable meat locker. Should you need me, you know where to find me.


Greg said...

Hang in there. Winter is actually very pleasant. It's coming soon ...

Nicole said...

Yeah, I'll hang in there. Try to get past this coming week with temperatures projected at 107 F and stuff.

The unspeakably hot summer nights were kind of good for discouraging obnoxious neighbors from being too loud. Friday night, I actually had to call the police with a noise complaint because of some ruckus neighbors, out on their patio, drunk and boisterous. That kind of stuff didn't happen in July, you know.

Matthew said...

Yeah, you should feel guilty for not posting. Your loyal blog readers were at loose ends without your posts to entertain us. I jest.

That is a cool hat. Can I find one like it without trekking to Cabo?

That is a genetic mutant saguaro! It has been warm here in Houston, too. We have had the warmest September in Houston’s history, but a "cool" front is supposed to arrive today to bring temperatures back to normal. We may not be out of the woods, yet: “ there is a strong likelihood that another intense hurricane will occur in October .”

Nicole said...

Matthew -- No, I think the ONLY place to get a hat like that is to go to Mexico.

I'm surprised I have loyal blog readers. All I ever talk about is crap. But thanks for your loyalty. I hope it extends to my novel, when it's finished and published.

As for hurricanes, that completely sucks. Maybe you could move to Seattle with your friend Thomas. No hurricanes there. :)