Friday, September 02, 2005

Hurricane Katrina

I feel so helpless. I've been watching and reading about Hurricane Katrina and I want to do something to help. But I've nothing to offer, not really. Some people are offering their homes to refugees, but I live in a one bedroom apartment. Some people have boats. I don't have a boat. My cousin Mark has a boat, and if I had any authority, I'd order him to take it down there. And some people are donating money, I don't even have a job. We're barely scraping by as it is. Some people are donating their time and skills. What skills do I have to offer? None. I'm not a doctor, an engineer, or anything. My dad is, an electrical engineer (power) that is and if I had any authority, I'd send him down there to help rebuild and get power to the city.

In short, me . . . I'm useless.

I sit here and mourn for the people and their losses and love them and pray for them. But that seems to be all I can do. I'd do more, if I could. I think if someone said to me, "We're leaving tonight, with (insert organization here), to go to New Orleans. Come with us." I think I'd go. I'd have to clear it with Stoker first, but if it was alright with him, I think I'd go.


Dainty Fairy said...

It's the thought that counts. You aren't useless because you don't have a boat or much money right now. It's clear you care and there will be others too that care but are unable to offer much direct help to these people.
It's a very sad natural disaster but you shouldn't feel useless or guilt at all.

Oh great One said...

I identify with your feelings. I wish I could do something to help too. I feel pretty inadequet. They are taking up donations of items in Albuquerque to help with the survivors that have been sent there. I think I will see what I can donate. I think prayers are a good place to start.