Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Wild Oats

Soooo. I'm working at Wild Oats. Yeah, that's going good. It's kind of embarrassing, you know, but at least I have a job. My plan is to keep looking for a better, more appropriate job while I have a job. Sounds like a good plan. See, the problem with plans is that I never follow through with them....

And Stoker. I hardly see him. He's at the studio nearly every day, and usually for 16 hours or something. But I stop by there and say hello occassionally. It's like we're dating again. But the studio thing is going well for him. We think they're going to hire him. At least, that's what the studio manager told him today, and he's not a sleezy scam artist, you know. But you find those types here.

But I like Nashville better than Phoenix. It's good here. Really good.