Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Something Resembling a Vicious Universe

Once again, I'm looking for a job. I think the Universe is trying to tell me something. What is it, do you think? I feel like my entire life has been a series of moving and looking for a job. I mean, except, of course, when I was a child and lived with my mom. At that time, I was pretty lucky to have some kind of something resembling stability. Since I turned 18 and left home, I've had nothing of the sort. An insistent roller coaster ride. That's what life is.

Yes, yes, I know I should count my blessings. At least the country I live in isn't in uproar and we're not constantly wondering what our national boundaries are, like some countries. Or are we? I mean, is the U.S.-Mexico border, really a border? And what about that hilarious U.S.-Canada border?

The borders, they're just laughable. I can't help it. Right now I feel like busting up. It's all a bunch of pantomiming, this false sense that there's a division between Mexico and the U.S. Take, for example, when Stoker and I were coming back from Cabo San Lucas. In the airport in Mexico, their customs consisted of a line with some men in something resembling an official uniform, who told us to push a button, one person at a time. If the light flashed green after you pushed the button, you were okay, move along. If it turned red, you were not okay and you had to be searched. Stoker and I split up and went in different lines. Green for me, okay, go ahead. Red for Stoker, not okay, bludgeon him on the head. Just kidding, they're not that serious about customs.

They opened our bags. Actually, I think we switched the bags before they looked through it because Stoker had the bag with all our dirty laundry in it, and no one wants to air their dirty laundry in a Mexican airport. Ha ha. The officials did something resembling a baggage search, and whatever we had in there was okay. No drugs, no fruit, no illegal firearms, that sort of thing. So they let us go free, much to their dismay. They were so hoping for the chance to detain some unlucky American.

Yeah, so anyway. The job search is promising. I'll keep everyone updated. Perhaps the next thing you'll know, I'll be some top record executive raking in the dough.


Cinnamon Spider said...

I suppose we have borders with Wales and Scotland. But living in the midlands of England I am not affected. I always hear how the canadians dont like the americans lol.
long time no speak btw. I hope everything is well. I have missed you.

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liz said...

Hi, I just saw a comment you had put on spoonfed long ago, sorry, that's mommy brain for you.

I just had dinner with a neighbor who would like to start freelancing as a writer, and I do have some suggestions.

First, buy the book "The Well Fed Writer" -- this spells out how to make a business out of freelancing. It was my bible for the first year of business.

Second, get into a writing group or writing class. The pressure of someone else expecting you to write is a good thing -- forced deadlines.

Third, buy Wild Mind or Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg and do those writing exercises -- they're a good substitute for a writing group.

Fourth, read, read, read. This is the one I always have to remind myself about!

You are quite the rolling stone -- believe me, this travelling will be great writing material! Let me know how things are going!

Alix. said...

Just to let you know this is my new blog. I was Cinnamon Spider.

I miss you.

Anonymous said...

Dear aries327: I am seriously going through withdrawls...PLEASE update your blog! Now!

With love,