Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Cubicle to the Rescue

For some reason, Stoker let me leave this morning wearing brown corduroy pants, black shoes, AND cream colored socks. The socks wouldn't be so bad if I had my brown shoes on, the shoes I meant to wear, but as I was picking them, he distracted me with a work-story and I didn't realize what I was doing. Obviously he didn't either. As it is, I look like I'm trying to make some statement about the '80s. It's terrible. I feel horribly awkward.

Did I mention the pants aren't quite floods, but they hike up a little when I sit down? It wouldn't be so bad if my socks weren't in such contrast with the pants and shoes.

Luckily, I can hide in my cubicle for most of the day.


baby HonEy Cakes said...

This is what I need you to do, just email me jpegs of every article of clothing you own. I will set up outfits for you every day. If this works well, we will market it and make it big. I feel good about this. I'm here for you, always.

Aries327 said...

Thanks baby honey cakes. That sounds like an excellent idea. I've been needing an outfit coordinator. I've gotten a little bit better because of Jcrew, but I still suffer from a bit of style-retardation. Is that politically incorrect to say? Oops, sorry.

Anonymous said...

I once found myself walking into work with one brown shoe and one black shoe. Being the manly man that I am, I took responsiblilty for my own actions and blame no one but myself. I turned around and raced home, changed my shoe (the brown one), and returned, thankful that I was the first to notice.

Love, DAD

Aries327 said...

Yeah, but your life would be so much better if your wife looked out for you. And she should, since you're colorblind.