Friday, September 28, 2007

ABBA: Stress-buster

It's weird how stress makes you not want to work. At least, it makes me not want to work. It makes me want to listen to ABBA and stare at a blank wall, reminiscing about simpler times. Or it makes me want to vacuum vigorously. Clean like there's no tomorrow, or rather, that tomorrow there will be a panel of judges filing through my house to score my work.

Stress makes it difficult to focus. For several weeks the stress has been gathering. I got a cold sore last week, and then wonder of wonders, Cassi got one. Cassi's my youngest sister. She lives in Omaha. She blamed me for the cold sore, claiming that because I told her over gmail chat that I woke up with a cold sore, I cursed her. It seems impossible, but what do I know? I tell her at 9 am that I have a cold sore, at 5 pm she calls to shout into the phone that SHE has a cold sore.

Remember the Simpson's episode where Burns is in a tank outside the Simpson home, about to get revenge on Homer's mother, and Flight of the Valkries is playing (I think that's the piece)? And Burns is like, "I've waited for this day . . . " and he's wearing a helmet and looking all evil and formidable, and then the song suddenly turns into "Waterloo! I was defeated you won the war!" It's ABBA! It kills me. Smithers is like, "I'm sorry sir, I accidentally taped over your song."

Oh man. It's funny on so many levels. I was just thinking about that, because I'm thinking about ABBA and how great ABBA was, and is. Seriously, Benny, Bjorn, Agnetha, and Anni-Frid can't be outdone. They're right up there in the pantheon of rock gods.

We close on the house today. At 2:30. Remember when I was just a little girl writing about how I was in love with Stoker and I resented him for going to California without me, and then he was asking me to marry him, and now here we are, buying a house in Nashville, Tennessee? NASHVILLE! How does that happen? I was in SALT LAKE. Now I'm in TENNESSEE.

That's some crazy shit, that's all. I'm probably the only one who gets it. Well, I'll take some pictures of the house with my disposable camera, then I'll develop the pictures. Then I'll send you copies. I'm technologically backwards. I don't know how to post with pictures. Everyone else has their digital SLR. I have my camera, which is constructed of paper.


BC said...

ABBA: The Movie confirms the band's greatness. I saw it a few weeks ago and am wondering why it, and not The Rocky Horror Picture Show, is the midnight movie in many cities.

Nathan Marx said...

I have a much greater appreciation for ABBA after watching Mama Mia in New York and Salt Lake City. I agree they rock!

What happened to the camera that your mom gave you? Did it break? We have an old digital camera that doesn't work very well but we will give it to you if your need is so dire. You should document your memories with photos at every opportunity. I look at the blog as kind of a journal. I don't keep a paper journal but the blog does serve a very similar purpose!

Good luck with new house. About the wheather. I know it has been hot in Tennesse. Just so you know the rain storm that we have been getting all day is turning into snow! I can see white slushy snow falling out my window as I write!

Anonymous said...

what kind of camera does Nathan use.?? His pics are so amazing.
I started a photography class..
just write me on my phone or email and i'll try to make my blog thingy sometime.. I expect to hear back from you since you are not that famous yet.
oh and who was the girl you divorced??.. i forgot.

Aries327 said...

BC -- I have never heard of this movie! But I've seen some of Lasse Halstrom's films. I'm going to have to put it in the Netflix queue right now. I listened to ABBA this weekend while vacuuming. :)

Nathan -- I miss October in Utah. Don't make me jealous. :) We still have that camera. I was just being sarcastic about how I never take pictures and how even if I do, they look like crap. I want to do everything and do it well, but I can't. I run out of energy.

Crust -- I divorced Christy Baugh. We worked it out. Well...I worked it out. I make rash decisions sometimes. It's the price I pay for being so passionate. Did you see my soul color? It's red. Make sense? I think it does.

I'm impressed about the photo class. I can't wait to see the images you come up with.

cassi said...

Whoa, Nik, I did not call you to yell at you about the cold sore. Just to share with you the beauty of our deep psycho-emotional (I just made that up, I think) connection, you know? It's like, you get a cold sore, I get a cold sore, break a leg, I maybe break a leg...let's not really test that one out, though.

Aries327 said...

But you DID yell into the phone. "NIK, I got a cold sore!" And I was like what? And you were like, "Holy cow, I have a cold sore." And I was like...

But you're right, we have a connection. Let's NOT test the broken leg scenario.

JFun said...

The Carpenters are another great stress-buster. Just wanted you to know that. If you're not feeling well, pop it in. It works. Trust me.

Aries327 said...

I LOVE the Carpenters. I guess I ought to have an album, then, right? I think I have their hits on record, but it's in Utah. Let me check.

Great suggestion JC, by the way.