Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Belated Birthday Post

Last Thursday I turned thirty. I could go on and on about the woes of aging and how strange it feels to say, "I'm thirty," and all that, but what's the point? This isn't a Hallmark card, or Shoebox Greeting or whatever brand of greeting card it is out there perpetuating all the hilarious jokes about getting old. In fact, why am I even talking about it?

Birthdays are still great, even when you get old. Honestly, I'm not really SAD about aging, if for no other reason than that the older I get, the better the presents get. Okay, so not really every year, just this year, otherwise by the time I am thirty-five I should have a Hummer . . . or a tank (the kind with cannons on it, not the ones seen driving around American towns doubling as Cadillac Escalades or some other "family" vehicle). And what's with all the crap about the economy being bad? I'm still spending money. Loads of it.

Last year I got a Trek 4300 for my birthday. That's a mountain bike. This year I got a Scott S40, that's a road bike. A picture:

What's with the bikes, you might ask. Simple. I haven't ruled out nuclear holocaust and when the shit is coming down, how else am I going to get around quickly? The rest of you will be in wheelchairs. I'll be gliding along on all my bikes.

Really I just wanted to say "the shit's coming down." For my sensitive readers out there, I've given up on you. The only sensitive people I know stopped reading my blog long ago. I'm too crass, I guess.*

I almost got a Sledgehammer this year, but instead I just put pegs on my Trek.

Seriously, who knew Scott was out there making bikes? Ski poles, ski goggles . . . and bikes. I guess I'm WAY behind the times.

Special thanks to my lover for working all the long hours just to put bread on the table and a bike in my back pocket (it weighs so little, you see). And also thanks to all the relatives who kindly sent me money (even though I KNOW you don't read my blog [secretly YOU are the sensitive readers I was talking about]). This is where it went: the bike and bike accoutrements. Happy birthday.

*Understatement is funny because it's understated. No one in their right mind could presume to think that the word "shit" is offensive. Understatement is a form of exaggeration, and we all know exaggeration is funnier than hell.


baughtronic said...


Aries327 said...

I know. I know.

Dani said...

At least I know if the shit really comes down, then as long as I can get to Nashville, I can borrow one of your bikes. You'll have to pump Stoker so I can use your other one! :)

Aries327 said...

Dani! I can't believe you said "shit." Bad girl. Bad.

Jodie K said...

"30" is the new "17" or some shit like that...oops! "Shit" ;)

Enjoy the bike. I'm spending loads of dough lately too, given they've opened a Macy's blocks from me and I've lost 25 lbs or so. Ahhhh, spring!

Aries327 said...

Hey, it's been awhile Jodie K, but good job on all those lost pounds!

BagLady said...

exaggeration makes everything funnier.

Aries327 said...

Like a million percent better.

But not when dealing with percentages. Right? Because there's no such thing as more than one hundred percent, except when we're talking about inflation in the past five years and that's why it hurts so bad, because it's so impossible.

Anyway, I also love sarcasm. It makes everything feel better.