Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cheating in the Olympics

I can't believe the Chinese are cheating at the Olympics. Oh wait, what am I saying? It's "for the good of the country."

At this point it's pretty obvious to everyone watching that the Chinese women's gymnastics team is full of twelve-year olds, and yet, no one seems able to stop them from lying to the entire world and continuing on as though they've done nothing wrong.

Honestly the rest of the Olympic community should have known they weren't ready to host the Olympics. Normally I'd say, "Hey, the fake fireworks display? No big deal. The lip sync fiasco? I mean, yeah, that's pretty insulting and cruel. But I'm over it." However, as I watched the women's meet last night, I realize that all of it matters and I'm NOT over it.

The picture China is painting is, for me at least, one of a nation full of automatons who are stripped of their will and free agency in order to do what is best "for the country." For a minute, I was feeling good will toward China and their efforts to impress the rest of the world. But as the Olympic games continue, I am compelled to no longer overlook the sins of their government. And I can no longer hold my tongue about the pollution in Beijing. From now on, when it's smoggy in Nashville and anywhere else, I'm going to say, "Where are we, Beijing*?"

It's one thing to have a coach who lies to his players (which is also bad, don't get me wrong), but it's another thing to have your government making passports stating you're sixteen when you're really only thirteen.

And it's even another to censor the press. That irks me too.

Am I a sore loser? Yeah. It's disgusting. But listen. How else is China cheating? In what other matters are they lying to us? All of them, probably.

So everyone has complained and complained about how the Tour de France has lost its glamour and appeal because of doping. Same here. It was no fun to watch the other gymnastics teams who were following the age restrictions competing against a team of eight-year olds. It would be the same as pitting a lightweight against a heavyweight. Where's the fun in that? The point of an age restriction is to even the playing field. When the restriction is ignored, the game loses its point.

I'm boycotting the rest of the games until the IOC does something about China's blatant disregard for the rules. I suggest the rest of the world do the same. Come on, now. Do as I say. It's for the good of the country**.

*I was overlooking the pollution in order to be polite.
**In this sense country means world. You'll no doubt agree with me that world wouldn't have had the same sarcastic ring to it as country.

I will probably keep watching the Olympics because I'm spineless.


cassi said...

Ha. You kill me, Nik. I agree with you. I watched gymnastics last night, and some of their athletes are definitely not 16 yet. Stupid. It really flies in the spirit of the Games that a government can get away with something like that.

JodieKash said...

I will keep watching for the men in Speedos. I have no shame.

...btw, bastardly, too, how the Chinese gov banned Joey Cheek from merely attending.

jenny said...

i know the scandals are scandalous but i have watched the olympics every night since they started. i never watch sports, i don't know what it is about them that i can't stop.

Aries327 said...

Cassi -- We agree so often you'd think we were sisters or something. Sigh, it's nice having my own protege.

Jodie -- Yes, yes, I know you have no shame. I think it's cool to see the athletes, all of them, because they're like prized race horses. They're bodies are beautiful machines. Although, there's this inequality between men and women's volleyball, team and beach. And pretty much in all the sports. Women wear tiny nothings while most of the men (except for swimmers and divers) where body suits practically. I question whatever's going on there.

Jenny -- Me too. I watched it in all my free time. I'm so glad it's over, I can finally move on with my life. Or at least regular television programming. China's cool, in ways, but I'm suspicious of their desire to prove themselves to the world at the expense of their integrity. Messed up.