Monday, November 24, 2008

Killers: Day and Age = Pretty Good Album for $3.99

I'm a new fan of buying my digital music from Today I was listening to the new Killers album at Itunes where it costs $11.99 and I thought, I'll just go buy this one song that I really like so far, for .99 cents from Amazon. But when I found it on, it was only 3.99 for the whole album! That's ten songs for 3.99. I guess at, you get their dumb bonus songs, but is it worth 11.99? You decide. If you think no, go here to get it from

I might add that the mp3s you get at Amazon are 256 kbps rather than the typical 126 kbps of Itunes songs. And also, you don't have to distinguish between drm-free downloads. They're all drm-free. Just another reason to love I'm really really pleased about this.