Wednesday, April 21, 2010

For My Album Art I'd Really Love an Image of Me Walking Along Railroad Tracks with My Guitar Hanging Casually from My Hand

So far this week I have seen two pictures of people on railroad tracks.  My old friend C. Baugh would tell me that these are not PICTURES.  They're images.  

I don't know why I felt it necessary to disguise C. Baugh's identity, I have mentioned her full name on my blog before.  In fact, lots of my visitors come from searches of her name.  She has no idea how famous she is.  

Anyway C. Baugh once told me long ago when we were mere children in college that two of the most cliche images in beginning photography were your friend holding a guitar and your friend walking along the railroad tracks.  For sheer cliche strength, I suggest merging the two--your friend holding their guitar, while walking on the railroad tracks.  I know you've seen this somewhere.  

The big question is: what are you really trying to say when you decide to photograph yourself strolling thoughtfully along the railroad tracks?  That you're a wanderer?  That you walk a line between here and there?  Are you trying to give your life a sense of movement with the suggestion of motion in the stillness of the tracks and ties?  That must be it.  It's a symbol that's rife with meaning.  

I have to say that I'm instantly launched into a somber reverie the minute I see a guy in torn jeans walking away from the camera along those rusted steel tracks and pitch-stained ties.  I'm forced to confront the vagaries of my existence, the course my life has taken and where it's headed now.  All because of an image of someone strolling along the railroad tracks.  

Its weird.      

I'm thinking about running a counter for the number of times I stumble across images of people walking along the railroad tracks.  Did I mention the obvious, that it's only Wednesday?  The week is only half over. 
C. Baugh and myself during college enjoying the railroad tracks in a surprisingly non-cliche way.    


Anonymous said...

Maybe you have a secret longing for hobo life?

Aries327 said...

Probably. But then, who doesn't want to just shirk responsibility and take to the road from time to time? :)