Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Dolly and Bette

Two videos for our friend Jason. His mom died last night and we're all pretty sad about it. She was a great woman and loved by many. When I was living at my parents' house near Salt Lake and dating Stoker, who lived an hour and a half away, Jason's parents let Stoker live in their basement so he could be closer to me right before we got married.

I don't know if Jason loves Beaches, but the song seems appropriate. Moms are our heroes, or at least I think they should be. My mom is my hero. Stoker's mom too. And Jason's mom. Dads are heroes too, but moms seem to really be wind beneath our wings in one of those quiet ways, you know, pushing you along, helping you to be your best, but loving you in a way no one else can or ever will.

Jason loves Dolly Parton and who can blame him? I love her too (and Stoker does also, probably, though he wouldn't admit it as readily). I am sure Jason doesn't have bittersweet memories about his mom, and I don't think she has a single bittersweet memory about Jason. Just sweet ones, because he's a great son, and I'm pretty sure his mom was one hundred percent proud of him.

I wish I could support him more, and all my family and friends, by living in Utah near them so that when moments like this occur, I might be there to share my love with them in hugs and support. The gall of bitterness really is in realizing your loved ones are suffering and you're far away. Though we can't stop the sorrow, it's something to just be there.


Shannon Harris said...

So sorry to hear about your friends mom. You're a good friend to post this. Love me some Dolly and Bette!

Nicole Grotepas said...

Thanks Shannon. The ladies are great performers. I don't know if Jason will ever see it, but I wanted to do it. He loves his family and friends so much--his entire blog is dedicated to the people that matter to him. I have a link in my friends tab--Jasohn. That's him.

Jason said...

Wow, Nicole. I just saw this and it's very touching. Thank you.

Dolly and Bette are two of my favorite gals around town. I love them both.

I totally find comfort in Dolly and in you and in everyone who has offered their love and support.

Thank you.