Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A White Winged Horse

So I asked my sister what her little girl wants for her birthday and she said, "She told Anji that she wants a white winged horse." I have no idea if there's some special toy out there that she's looking for or if I should go buy the porcelain Pegasus statue that came up when I did a Google search for "white winged horse."

I think a four-year-old might get hours of fun out of a porcelain statue. You can do so much with breakable items.

That's actually the kind of present my dad always gave me after my parents were divorced and he was really out of touch with how to be a dad. No big deal, the poor guy, he did the best he could. No hard feelings, Dad.

His reasoning was that we got toys from our mom. From him we'd get some type of sculpture or art that would appreciate in value (or so he thought. I haven't actually looked yet to see if I can sell that dog statue for millions of dollars). Toys just turned to dirty hunks of plastic and metal.

But a dog statue! You can display that in your curio cabinet as a trophy and once in all while, all you've got to do is dust it off.

Anyway, so then I was looking for a My Little Pony horse and this gorgeous purple horse came up with a beautiful long mane that a girl would have fun braiding and whatnot. I stared at it for a second and thought to myself, "Dang. I wish I could be appeased with a toy."

Wouldn't it be great to reach thirty (or whatever age you are) and still have your dreams hanging on a My Little Pony or a Tonka dump truck? Such a simple item. Costs so little. And so readily available. All you have to do is hop down to the Target and buy it and there, you've got everything your heart ever wished for.

I don't know about you, but I'm seriously considering exchanging the American Dream for a much simpler dream: cheap objects that engage my imagination. Like maybe some Dr. Who action figures. Or a slew of Doc Martin action figures. They don't make those? They should. They really should. Then, when the show ends, fans can just keep making up stories. Kind of like how when Futurama was off the air (before it started on Comedy Central or wherever), I had to buy the comics to get new stories.

 Damn you, David Tennant. Damn you for ever leaving Dr. Who.

Oh my hell. I just realized, I can get more of the Tenth Doctor if I just buy a Tenth Doctor action figure and make up my own stories! Let's see, I'll need a Tardis, obviously, and maybe a Donna Noble action figure too, since she was my favorite of his companions (I loved Rose until she came back with weird teeth in the later episodes). Hmm. That should be all. And then just my imagination, right?

This will be good. I can totally see this turning into some really great fan-fiction.


Andrea said...

That would be awesome! Being an adult is no fun most the time:)

Carrie said...

So, the tenth doctor was really THAT great , huh?
I used to watch Dr. Who with my dad late at night back in the day. You know, I'd get home from a date and then take it easy with some British sci-fi. (sometimes it was Red Dwarf) I think my favorite doctor was Baker.
A while back when the hubby & I discovered the new series on Netflix, we were so excited. But after watching a few episodes with the 9th doc, we were about to give up. . . Instead we skipped to the 5th series and have been hooked ever since. We love Eleven &Amy Pond & the writing is fabulous.
I guess we'll have to go back and check out the tenth doctor. Yay! More good Dr. Who for me. But you've got me worried- if you love Ten so much, you must really hate Eleven for taking his place. . . Can we still be friends if we don't agree on the best doctor ever?

N. Grotepas said...


Yes, the 10th Doctor is THAT great. He's better than most of them and he's even surpassed Tom Baker as the favorite incarnation of the Doctor. But I like Matt Smith alright, and I really liked Eccleston, the 9th, and was super sad when he left. I didn't like Tennant at first, but he grew on me really quickly because he's so engaging and endearing.

When I began watching the show, I watched the first episode with the 9th Doctor and thought, "This set sucks." And jumped ahead and watched the Impossible Astronaut to see if things improved. They did. So I went back and suffered through the crappy budget of the 9th Doctor. It improved when Tennant took over and just kept getting better. I would suggest that you certainly go back and watch all the older episodes because it's self-referencing and you're missing a ton by only watching the Amy Pond and Rory series.

Whatever you do, definitely do NOT watch the Tennant series without seeing the Eccleston series because you will miss out on Rose Tyler's relationship with the Doctor, which is a huge part of the Tennant series. You will appreciate all of that so much more if you watch the Eccleston series. And who knows, he may grow on you. I'm really fond of him.

Also, the writing is decent even if the sets and costumes are kind of crappy. But you really really need to see how Rose fits in. There's so much built-in pathos that you need to see it all to absorb the enormity of what happens later to Rose and the Doctor. My word, it's one of the best love stories ever. Right up there with Jane and Rochester, Elizabeth and Darcy, Captain Von Trapp and what's-her-name, and all those others.

Take my advice. I say this from a place of deep wisdom. :)

Although, you know, I watched it all right after Corbet was born and I was nursing him. So it's very possible that my strong bond comes from the oxytocin that was coursing through me every time I watched an episode. Haha.

I think it's cool that you watched it with your dad when you were growing up. I watched Star Trek with my dad, but not Dr. Who. I tried to appreciate Red Dwarf but just couldn't. I did see some Dr. Who episodes when I was in jr. high, and found them boring. I didn't know what the concept was, though.

N. Grotepas said...

Andrea--agreed! I miss being a kid. Really glad I had a happy childhood, though. My mom says that's imperative for being a strong, well-developed adult, so you have the good memories to fall back on when life gets rough.

The best part is that my past will always be with me.