Monday, June 17, 2013

Lighning Dust "Fantasy"

I got this album pre-release to do a review for an online music magazine. This isn't my review, it's just a preliminary write up about how great it is! I love finding new music, and while I feel like I've heard them before, I don't remember their other albums.

So far my favorite on the album is "Diamond" and I think the band must know what a great song it is because it's the first track on the album.

But I've been known to fall out of love with my first love. In songs, that is. And on albums. And then I fall in love with other songs, like for example, "Six Weeks" wasn't my favorite song on the first "Of Monsters and Men" album, but it is now.

And oh, yeah, why I haven't I been more faithful in writing on my blog? It' know...amazing. I feel like I've just come out of a cocoon. A hibernation.

Anyway, back to the album. "Fire Me Up" is another excellent track. I love "Reckless and Wild" and it's pretty sweet. The vocalist is strong, and they have a few tracks where she's the main feature of the piece, but I feel like the band is best when they incorporate more sounds and instruments into their songs.

I'll post a link when my review is up.

And holy crap, I just found this video on Youtube, and not only that, I discovered that these guys were in Black Mountain. I have a Black Mountain 5'' somewhere....

Sample the excellent "Diamond" below. You'll want to have it on repeat just like me, I'm sure of it.

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