Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Today's Forecast: Buckets o' Rain

Smart. I just went out to the gas station to get a drink and am now sitting here in my soaked clothes. It's ridiculous and itchy. Running in Doc Martens is stupid, in case you're ever tempted to run in a pair. It's really bad for the tibialis anterior (yes, I looked that up on Wikipedia). I'm from Utah where rain like you get in Tennessee is unheard of. A person can get away without an umbrella in most rain storms in Utah. Today, in my soaked clothes, in my cubicle where the air conditioner is constantly on (we're stationed in the library of the publishing house and you have to keep the humidity low and I guess the temperature at a steady 65 degrees[?]), I might end up with hypothermia.

Oh yeah, that Arc'teryx jacket I have? Not a rain jacket.

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