Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sanjaya, I Bid You Good Riddance!

Somehow I got sucked into watching "American Idol" this season. We figured out that we get a few basic channels with the antenna, and often I flip on the television while I stretch and do my weights in the evening*. Fox comes in the best. Is that any surprise?

Anyway, tonight Sanjaya got voted off. Do I care? No, he was annoying. His big, thick, girlish eyelashes; flashy, insistent smile: and abnormally white teeth. Honestly he seemed really sweet, yet obnoxious at the same time -- something ingratiating about his confidence. And the way he sang. Something about it made me want to smack him and yell, "Faker!"

Cheer up, Sanjaya! I'm sure you'll do fine without American Idol.

He really will, don't you think? Pretty much any of them could pursue their own thing, now that their names have a little cultural capitol**. So, even as they cry and sing their last song, we all know they'll go on to make albums, their own clothing lines, and their own colognes and all that schlock. Is schlock a word? I don't think I made it up, I'm not that clever. But I'm not sure whether or not it's a real word that means what I think it means. Inconceivable!

*I mean pump iron.
**Once their contracts run out. They sign contracts when they get to a certain point on the show, don't they?


Anonymous said...

Deararies327: I know! I also have been sucked into watching American Idol this season. I love and hate it because it's such great mindless entertainment but every minute I watch I think to myself, "Why am I watching this?!"

Still, it is about time that Sanjaya mad his exit. Did you catch the line that he gave as he sang his last song to "Let's Give Them Something to Talk About," and he said "How about hair, hair, hair" instead of "hate?" Cute Sanjaya. Buh-bye.

Not that I care, but I do (because I've been sucked into the craze), but I really want Melinda to win. She's great. My favorite performance was when she sang "Since You've Been Gone." I've never voted after the show, but if Melinda makes the final 2, I may just call in.

Anyway, your homemade present is a month or two. I miss you!

Aries327 said...

Shannon --

My homemade present better be here in a month or LESS. :)

I can't decide who I want to win. I like Melinda, but honestly, I also like Blake. Jordan (Jordin?) is nice too, but sometimes I think her modesty is false. Plus Paula has the same thing to say to her, "You're cute, you're genuine, blah blah blah." I love Paula and I appreciate that she doesn't say dog every time she addresses the contestants, and I appreciate that she praises them instead of railing on them like Simon. I guess the judges are a good mix. Hmm, I think Randy is useless, though.

Anyway, I always wonder why I'm watching it, too. Then I think it's an intellectual thing. I enjoy analyzing the show, how it works, and why it's such a successes. I had a class in college on television culture and it was great. We dissected game shows. American Idol is the ultimate game show. An embodiment of the American dream, really. I could go on about this.

But really, I do enjoy Simon's criticism and it's fun to root for someone. To see them succeed. I think that's why people like it.

Also, it's a popularity contest, which I thought we surpassed upon leaving high school. Surprise! We didn't.

I'm glad you told me that what Sanjaya said was hair. I had no idea. I heard him say the wrong word and I couldn't fathom what else it might be. It was pitiful seeing him cry. Honestly. That's why I told him to cheer up.

It sucks to go back to a normal life after being treated like a rock star.

Anonymous said...

Deararies327: Yeah, Jordin has potential. I think she will be in the finals with Melinda. Do you honestly like Blake?!?!!!!!!! Sorry, he's just SO not for me, or America.

Paula is so bad that she's good. She tends to agree with Randy and then end with something like, "But you know what? You know what?" (and we're all hanging on every word because we all still have the hope that she'll say something proud and incredible) and then she'll pause, tilt her head, and then say, "You're a star." Honestly Paula (laughing), some specific, individualized feedback! It's really hilarious though. I look forward the whole "wait for it, wait for it" moment from her.

I can't believe I am engaging in electronic American Idol banter. What's happening to me?!

Aries327 said...

Ok, Shannon, if you read this again, did you see Blake's last week? What did you think? I thought it showed his chops. He's kind of in a different league than the others. Much more creative than I had expected. I really didn't think it was possible to like "Shot through the Heart" until Blake worked it over. Good job Blake! Hey, if I had a label, I'd be shoving a contract in Blake's face.

As for Paula, the more I watch the more I realize her contribution is cleavage, and MAYBE a cute smile. She's there for the guys. She's sweet and stuff, but I think Simon is the main event. You know, everyone actually values what he says. At least, I do. Because he doesn't try to butter them up and he doesn't rely on the over use of the word (or not word, you decide) dawg.

You're hilarious.