Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Email to a Company with a Crappy Ad

Have you seen the internet ads with the dancing woman? I was trying to read the weather on and there were three of them! I could hardly concentrate on what I was looking for -- some kind of link about weather and health, which I read about in a article.

The ads were strategically placed in three different locations all over the page. The top, the middle, and the bottom. So almost anywhere I scrolled on the page there was a dancing woman taunting me. No, they're not nude or anything. It's not like that. It's like the moving thing draws your attention.

So I emailed the company behind the dancing woman ad:

Your internet ads are an embarrassment. And they're annoying. I will never ever never ever never never never ever never use your service. I can't believe you're affiliated with Experian. You bring shame to the Experian name. Maybe you haven't realized that a company CAN display class when running banner ads. Your ads simply scream low-class, sleeziness. If I DID need help lowering my bills, I certainly would not click on an ad running an obnoxious dancing woman. I would think there's more to the psychology of the human than simply appealing to the irritant reflex. Sure, the ad makes me want to destroy the movement, in the same way I want to slap a mosquito buzzing around my face. But you must have forgotten about the refresh key. I'll click that before I click one of your hideous ads.

Think about it. I'm more likely to click on a tightly designed Nike ad with beautiful graphics touting a sale or something. Even an AT&T ad or a Verizon ad. Their ads are enticing while yours are repulsive. I don't even like AT&T but they understand the power of color. Your ads are so irritating that I'd rather write an email than use your services. I'd rather go to the pawn shop or use my car title to get a loan than use your services. That's how crappy your advertising is.

Thanks, have a nice day.

Was I too harsh? Probably. But you have to be firm to get through to people.


cassi said...

Excellent. I hate those stupid ads, too. YKM. I will also never ever never ever never never never ever never use their services. Jerks.

Aries327 said...

Great. Let's start a crusade!

Asterix said...

Where's the dancing ladies now? HUH? HUH? The shame! The SHAME!!!

Asterix said...

I wrote that because I believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that the dancing ladies single-handedly brought about the financial crisis. I'm sure of it.

Aries327 said...

I know. That's hilarious! It's so true.