Thursday, January 17, 2008

Tough Women of WWII Era

I was fooling around on the Library of Congress' page and found these excellent photographs from Salt Lake City during the Great Depression. These women are training to operate buses and taxicabs. I guess it was one of those initiatives, the WPA or something. This woman looks like she could handle anything. I want to say she's thinking: "Ya got somethin' to say? Alright then. Don't mess with me, that's all I'm sayin'." In a Brooklyn accent. But this was Salt Lake City. People didn't have Brooklyn accents.

In this image you can almost hear the photographer giving them directions, "Now lean in a little so I can get you both in the shot. That's right, that's right. Now you, Fred, put your hand out and point at something, like you're telling her how to drive the bus. Good, good. Freeze that action! Now hold it right there while I snap the picture . . ."

"Mom? I'm a bus driver now! Can you believe it? I know, I know. It's weird. Little old me driving one of those huge buses. I still can't believe it's happening. Yeah, I even have a hat with a badge on it, like I'm all official and everything."

See? That's why I love these photos so much. I look at them and I see an entire drama/sitcom unfolding.

Honestly, though? These women are my heroes.

I'd like to thank the Library of Congress for making this post possible. And the internet, for giving me access to the Library of Congress from 700 miles away. And I'd also like to thank Dr. Pepper, for being the drink that is, for loving me like it does, and for always being there for me when I'm thirsty, when I'm down, when I just need a little sugar rush, and for being available even though it's not part of a huge corporate conglomerate like Coke or Pepsi.


baughtronic said...

I love these. Thanks for sharing.

Aries327 said...

I love them almost as much as I love you.