Thursday, April 02, 2009

Classics: App Heaven

So far, the best app (I feel like such a dork when I say that) I've downloaded is the Classics app. When I bought it, it was .99 cents. What a bargain. Like ten books for .99 cents! They're classics, so, I mean if you found copies of them at a used book store you could probably get some of them for that much, but I'm talking about portability here.

My favorite author just did a review of the Kindle on his website, and it tempted me. But really there's no contest now. I have an Ipod Touch and I can put books on there! Smaller, more portable, and it makes a cool page turny sound when you turn the page BY TOUCHING THE SCREEN. And you turn back the page by swiping your screen in the other direction!

I am still in love with the magic of the touch screen, yes. It's very enthralling. I'm sorry, but that's the truth of it.

When you're done reading and you press the home button, it puts in a bookmark and then you go back to your bookshelf and there's your book, with a little red bookmark in it. It's beautiful.

I know it's weird to get excited about a virtual bookshelf and a program that disconnects me from the actual textures and sense of reading a book, because I'm very into the reality of books. But it's fun. It's different. And I have real copies of most of the books. But think of it. I'm on a long flight and I don't want to tote around ten books. Oh, look here, in my Ipod I have twelve books!

And I think they add more, and the additions are FREE once you've bought the app. I'm in heaven.


Jodi said...

I am ALL about reading books on my iPhone with the kindle ap. It rocks. Plus, you can read books in the dark on the iPhone/iPod Touch. You can't do that on a Kindle.

Aries327 said...

And I don't think Kindle has a touch screen. But maybe it does. No, I just looked. It doesn't. I'm not saying the Kindle isn't cool because it probably is, and I wouldn't mind having one if it was free. But I don't NEED one. See?

I haven't gotten the Kindle app yet. I thought about it, but you still have to buy the books. However, I will probably get it because I'm addicted to trying out apps and I love to find new ways to buy books I already have and reinforce good writing by supporting my authors.

Did I mention that I'm reading Pride and Prejudice on the Classics app? It's tremendously fun. I've never read it, so it's good for me.

By the way, Jodi, I tried to leave a comment on your page but Moveable Type wouldn't register my registration and so I couldn't and I got frustrated and broke my computer (jk about breaking the computer).