Friday, January 14, 2005

The Associated Press Employs Crap Writers

I usually don't concern myself too much with politics. I read the paper and listen to talk radio occasionally. I wouldn't consciously identify with a specific party, though I'm sure I sometimes have conservative leanings, but conversely, I have liberal leanings. It depends on the subject.

I generally read the headlines, and today I read an article posted on, but it came from the Associated Press. There was no writer attached to the article and so there's no one to hear my complaint. The article was about a round table discussion President Bush recently had and here's the link. Anyway, what bothers me is the way the writer tastelessly handles the subject. Is there no objectivism left in modern journalism? Does every columnist, reporter, commentator, talk show host, etc. have to present the news through their biased lens? Is it so hard to say something without obvious undertones of disgust?

Personally, I'm in support of different political views, of a people who can healthily disagree. Not everyone has to agree with everything our current president does or says. What I see as wrong is the blanketed lack of support for him in the press. Clearly I'm not the first to say it, but a nation divided cannot stand. I don't care if CNN or The New York Times or any corporation hates the president's guts. That's their right. But I hate feeling like those corporations are thrusting their views down my throat. Whoever compiled the data for the Associate Press article does not belong "reporting" anything, especially writing supposed unbiased news articles. Anyway, the point is that I'm entirely disgusted with the news media. Leave your biases when you leave your house so I don't have to hear your crap opinion when I try to stay updated on current events.

Don't make me stop reading the news.

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