Sunday, January 23, 2005

Reuniting would feel so good

Stoker comes home tomorrow.


I was expecting him at 7 or so, but it turns out he won't be getting here until later, like 9 or something. It was incredibly disheartening to hear that I'll have to wait so long, but I've recuperated.

I read about the giant squid washing onto the shores of beaches in Orange County, so I sent him to Newport Beach. He went Friday evening, but they were already cleaned up. I just wanted him to get a picture of one. I've been interested in deep sea life for a few years now. It's kind of a fear/fascination thing, because honestly some of that stuff is completely freakish. In an alien/extra-terrestrial way. I'll never understand why some people are more interested in UFO type crap when we have completely alien lifeforms living right here on earth. I don't know, I guess it makes some kind of sense. After all, I am interested in both.

Another thing that boggles me is why authorities and experts don't have explanations for why giant squid have washed ashore in California. Can they be called experts or authorities if they won't even propose a hypothesis? Anyway, I initially thought it had something to do with oceanic distuburances as a result of the earthquake that caused the tsunami. But then I read that the squid are usually found off the coast of South America. I also figured that the 30+ beached pilot whales in North Carolina were somehow related. I'm not a marine biologist by any means, but I like to think about these things. Interestingly, scientists have been measuring smaller vibrations in the earth, something like echoes from that major earthquake (the article appeared on on the 10th). So is it entirely impossible to think that ocean life is sensitive to the earth's groans, even if they are on the other side of the world? People have always allowed for the fact that animals are more sensitive to the invisible currents of the earth's activity. But maybe I'm just up in the night.

Well anyway, Stoker is going to be back tomorrow. I'll be able to talk these things over with him. If I have any breakthroughs, I'll be sure to record them here.

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