Friday, July 01, 2005

4th of July and Other Tidbits

Now for the obligatory weekend plans post. For the weekend, Stoker and I are driving to Richmond to spend a little time with his family. Next week his parents leave for Germany where they’ll visit his sister. They won’t be back before we move to Arizona. On that note, if anyone from my vast readership has any leads on a job in the Phoenix area, please speak up. My skills include twisting balloons into animal shapes for the kiddies, bonsai care, papier mache, hammering nails into railroad ties, and sand castle building. I’m looking for something in the entertainment industry. Perhaps my own variety show.

Seriously, to see my resume, email me. It’s too amazing to post here. All my skills. All my experience. I’m a fount of wisdom. You have no idea.

Anyway, back to what’s going on this weekend. Tonight in Cache Valley we’ll be celebrating our nation’s independence with a firework show, hopefully some Indian food (Stoker was supposed to set that up with his parents, but we may have to wait until tomorrow), a little software pirating, and blanket-in-the-park lounging. It’s going to be great. Hopefully tomorrow morning Kelsey (Stoker’s youngest sister) will let me feed Gouda (the baby goat)—she’s been bottle fed, you know. Ahhh, the miracle of life.

And just so you know I’m not completely vacant, these are some things I’ve been thinking about lately:

1 – That stupid stamp ordeal. What a joke. Just leave it alone already.

2 – Sandra Day O’Connor retires at 75? 75? I smell conspiracy.

3 – Last night Stoker and I went horseback riding at my co-worker’s place, up in the mountains behind Salt Lake. One mountain range east, near the Uintas. It was great. Stoker looked very good on a horse. Dream ranch here we come!

4 – I read this vicious review of a book that was written by some writer named Foer. In it, the critic also bashed Dave Eggers. Finally! Someone who thinks his writing sucks too.

5 – I think the scale at my gym is broken. My weight varies anywhere from 3 lbs to 8 lbs from day to day. Is that possible? Yes? I hate my life.

6 – sucks.

7 – Tom Cruise sucks.

8 – In general, celebrities suck. I’m so sick of having their faces in my face all the time.

9 – Instead of reading the news, I read blogs. Good blogs. Well-written blogs.

10 – The news is no longer news. It's imitation reality-shows. Down with the news!


Dainty Fairy said...

We don't celebrate Independance Day here but I hope you have a good time.
I haven't been on but I've heard of it.
Awesome about the horse riding, that is something I've never done, I'm glad you enjoyed yourself.

Notyetfamousartist said...

woweee....where to start:
Good Luck on finding a job. that's always hard....but i can't help you because I live in California...

The Stamp in Mexico: it's a damn comic book that promotes good stuff like family values and tolerance. Reminds me of when I went to the Bad Religion show a few weeks ago, and there were picketers. Please, know what you're protesting before you protest it!
It's normal for your weight to fluctuate about 5 lbs a day, with water and food weight.
Tom cruise has lost his damn mind,
the news sucks and i refuse to watch it. it's all propaganda anyway.

Anonymous said...

I'm mad at Tom Cruise too! I hate people who judge people with depression who have never dealt with it themselves.

~Bonnie(Stoker's co worker)

christy said...


I miss your face and I love your guts. Nothing to do at work today. And I need a nap. And you. Call your HEC, after 6pm MST.

Aries327 said...

Dainty fairy -- I had a great Independence Day. Thanks! Wouldn't it be sort of funny if England celebrated Independence Day?

Becca -- I didn't know that about the comic book character. Thanks for the info. Pretty retarded that people were protesting Bad Religion. Duh.

Bonnie -- thanks for the comment. I've suffered from depression and I think it's as real as an alien race known as Thetans inhabiting our bodies, or what the hell ever. If Tom doesn't believe psychiatry is real, he ought to meet my father who suffers from delusional paranoia. Whether Tom Cruise doesn't want to admit that stuff like that is real or not, the affects of it are real. My father is all alone now because of his problem.

Christy -- I miss you too! I'd call you now, but you seem to want me to wait until 6pm MST. So I'll wait for that time. I hope you read this before then. I was going to visit you at work Sunday but was lazy instead -- Saturday was a lot of hard work and I needed to recuperate. And Monday I heard you were going to L-town, that's what the G-Baugh told me, anyway.