Monday, July 18, 2005

Moving Out

Everything is loaded into the U-haul trailer, the Tacoma, and the Mazda. We're leaving in a few minutes. First, I just want to say I don't know when I'll be online again. Maybe in a few days. Sorry, but everything is packed and we'll be on the road for a while, so no computer access. We'll stop in St. George tonight to stay at my cousin Dave's. Then tomorrow morning we'll go the rest of the way to Mesa, through Las Vegas. This way we're not busting our butts to get there in a day.

My mom's cat, Yum Yum, (aka Yummy) is sitting on my lap, loving me. She's the most beautiful calico you've ever seen. Soft as a bunny. And talkative. I love her. I think she knows we're going and she hates it, I just know this is how she feels because I speak cat (okay, that's a joke). You have to see her, she absolutely adores Stoker. As do I.

Anyway, we're off!


Anonymous said...

Post a picture of the kitty! I love calicos. ;)

Good luck to you and Stoker!!!


Notyetfamousartist said...

I was wondering why I haven't heard from you in a while.
Well, Miss Nikki, Take care and drive safe. You'll have to post pictures when you can.
I'm thinking of you both!

Aries327 said...

Bonnie -- I don't know if I have a picture of Yum Yum right now. I'll look into it.

Dual Identities -- I don't know who you are, exactly, so that's why you haven't heard from me in a while. I can't view your profile. I assume we're acquainted rather well, or else you wouldn't be calling me Nikki. Drop a line so I know who you are, that is, if you're trying to be secretive.