Friday, July 08, 2005

Stupid G8 and Popular Taste

I can’t believe stupid G8 pledged $50 billion in aid to Africa. Am I the only one who realizes that their corrupt governments don’t give the money to the poor, starving people? Am I the only one (besides Stoker) who read this interview with an African economist from a German paper? Stupid leaders of our countries whose only motivations are popularity.

Why do I even care? I just shouldn’t care. I should cut myself off from news sources. All I do is get angry. And as we all know, anger leads to hate, hate leads to fear, fear leads to drinking, drinking leads to alcoholism and alcoholism leads to a life down the drain. Or something. Something like Yoda once said, only more modern. More 21st century. Or less modern, depending on how you want to look at Yoda and the whole Star Wars thing.

But rejoice, all ye who read yesterday’s post about the 10 dogs I was taking care of. My aunt and uncle left Lake Powell earlier than planned and I am free of the 10-dog burden! In celebration I slept 30 minutes longer this morning. But then I was late getting up and had to shower and get ready in a frantic rush. In the end, it all worked out and I made it to work before my boss.

I’m listening to the new Sufjan Stevens album on itunes. While feeling a strong attraction to the song “Chicago,” I suddenly noticed that it’s the fourth most popular download in Sufjan’s corner. This only convinces me more that there is no originality. We are all products of common taste. It’s like we have a running pop culture collective unconscious, like Jung suggested, and it’s depressing as hell. Sometimes I really think I’m The Great Originator, being an Aries and all, but damn, I’m not.

On the other hand, I have impeccable taste. Generally speaking, what I like, many cool people like (and I’ll be honest, some not so cool people, too). When I make a cd compilation for my friends, it’s more often than not a major hit. These cd compilations become very hot items, changing hands, disappearing and reappearing in very unlikely places like Tom Jones’ car stereo (what?). I wouldn’t be surprised to someday see them selling for collector’s prices on Ebay. Do I sound like I’m bragging? Good, because I am, and what I’m suggesting is that I’d be a damn amazing A&R person for some major label and if, say, Capitol Records were a truly savvy bunch, they’d snatch me up before Epic does.

Or, I’ll just have to start my own label. Create my own empire of damn good music. Eventually, Epic and Capitol will try to buy the bands I shall discover, because these bands will rule. And I say “I shall discover,” not in the conditional sense of the word, but in the future perfect sense, to imply that my action will come to pass. Thank you, good night.

Okay, okay. I had you going, didn’t I? No but seriously, I’m not joking about starting my own label.


Ren said...

Really, 50B$ can spend pretty quickly. Now if they spent it on money to eliminate the corrupt government and evil officials, that'd be money well spent. To just pledge a number without a good budget backing it up is just silly.
B2 Bomber 2.2B$ each. Then operation costs. You could level the palaces of the warlords pretty quick for 50B$

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the compliments on my poetry. Poetry is so fun for me. My boyfriend has 7 dogs and 4 cats and I wrote a poem about every one of them. Unfortuneately I don't have all of them typed up. :( You rock, girl! :)


Aries327 said...

Ren -- it's true. It irritates me that they say they'll pledge an enormous sum of money without any indication of how it will be used. Or maybe they did indicate how it will be use. To be honest, I read the beginning of the article, got pissed, wrote my blog and then forgot to read the rest of the story. Rest assured, I'll never lie about my own ignorance and pretend to know more than I do. Either way, I feel confident that the leaders are only acting out of a desire to be popular. Which they always do, so what's new?

Thanks Bonnie. Keep up your writing.