Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Evil, Evil Tick

I just put my running shoes on, getting ready to go for a run. About a minute later I was standing in the bathroom putting some ointment on my finger (I think it almost killed me last night -- an infected hangnail or something). I looked down and there on my ankle sock (they're running socks, ok?), was the biggest damn TICK ever.

It's raining now, so I can't go running. Not that I'm afraid of a little rain. A little lightning, yeah. It's thundering out there too or else I'd be out pounding the pavement. Oh, and here in Nashville, it usually isn't just a little rain. It's usually like a monsoon.

So I'm sitting here waiting for the storm to pass, feeling itchy and worried about ticks. My last run was on Sunday. How long has that tick been waiting in my shoe? And how many OTHER ticks have I brought in on my shoes or clothes and not known it? I know I said in this post that I'd obsessively check for ticks after every run. But I haven't been doing that. So now I'm obsessing about all the ticks that could be hiding in my closet, where I keep my shoes. Do I need to check the cats for ticks, now? Oh crap. That stupid, stupid tick.

I like bugs, ok? I'm a bug kind of person. At one time I actually thought I'd be an entomologist (along with every other career imaginable, except prison guard or politician). So I'm not afraid of bugs. I don't scream when I see them unless they startle me. The tick on my sock? Scary as hell. I washed it down the sink. I ran the water for about five minutes. A few minutes later, I ran it again for ten minutes. I'm sorry, I know there's always a water shortage everywhere except the few places where it's flooding, but that tick was monstrous. It needed to be drowned.

When it stops raining, I'll go for a run and think about ticks. When I come back from my run, I'll make sure there are no ticks in or on my shoes. I'll check my clothes. I'll drown any ticks that come near me. I will, so help me. You know ticks spread Lyme disease, right? For about a week I'll obsess about any marks on my skin that resemble a bug bite. It's going to be awesome.


Dani said...

You are so hilarious, it kills me. I'm laughing all by myself in on of the study rooms at the library ("working" on my dissertation), where it's supposed to be quiet!

Aries327 said...

I'm only funny because you know me. And you know how I obsess. Just call me Calvin.

No reading blogs. Dissertation only.

Alix. said...

I'm not even sure what ticks are haha. sound scary tho! I hate stuff like that - would make me scream!
also, I know a song with the word nashville in. I'm going to look it up.

if you ever make it back to Nashville
remember you have still got a friend
I'll meet you at the Parthenon
that's the place we always went

it's been so dull since you left Nashville
I've read the same books again & again
it makes me wish I wasn't bashful
when it comes to other men

but if I could have my way
Darling you'd come home

remember when you moved to Nashville
& the first time that we kissed
remember when your mother found us
remember that you're sorely missed

& when you make it back to Nashville
we'll forget all of your sins
& I still buy two pairs of everything
so when you come home you & I'll be twins

because if I could have my way
I wouldn't be alone

yeah......... lol lovely song :)
also thank you for your email it prompted me to update my blog. And thank you for your kind words too! I have been dealing with Dean crap too long.

Aries327 said...

Alex (or is it Alix? I'm not sure),

Thanks for the song lyrics. Who sings it? It seems like it's probably a girl, but who knows. Incidentally, there are a TON of songs about/with Nashville in them. Seriously, look it up on It kills me. Josh Rouse has a whole album called Nashville. My favorite song with Nashville in it is the Indigo Girls'. They rule.

Thanks for the comment. And remember, if you're ever in Nashville, you've got a friend. Ha ha. Well, two, cuz Stoker's here too.

mtyrtle said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! You've got some real nice words here, I enjoyed visiting. I've really had some great times in Nashville too.

Oh, I'm also a runner, try spraying your shoes and ankles with a nontoxic citronella type bug spray before you run. That might keep the buggers off ya.

Aries327 said...


Thanks for the bug spray tip. Uh, for some reason that had never even, you know, occurred to me. Bug spray. It's deviously simple.

Good luck with the band.