Monday, March 21, 2005

7 Reasons MSN Sucks

Here's the thing: I want to believe in a man. I want to trust a man, to be in a healthy relationship, to know he's good and honest and that when he's out in the world and I'm not there to see it, he conducts himself in an honorable, decent manner. But it's really difficult and you want to know why? Because the loudest voices in the media are about how men suck. I just read this stupid article on (link)--don't think I didn't try to avoid it. I swear I did. Every time I logged into my stupid hotmail account, there was the headline staring at me "7 reasons men cheat," lit up and blue, just taunting me to click on it. Time after time I resisted and won, but tonight I gave in. I'm a real sucker for those stupid relationship articles the morons at msn write. What are their credentials? No one really knows. Who, I ask, is Tom Milnes and why should I pay any attention to the unsuccessful jerks he rounded up for his very scholarly findings on the inner workings of the male mind? His name carries so much gravity in the world of sociology they choose not to show his credentials. You know what I mean?

I know, I know. He's not giving relationship advice. He's just providing a lame-ass list of "why men cheat." But I'm telling you, stuff like that doesn't help gender relations. T.J., Drew, Alex, et. al sound like a bunch of vengeful, losers and I hope that good-hearted women potentially affiliated with any of those men in their respective cities sever their ties immediately.

I hope my relationship with Stoker is undamaged by the after-effects of reading such awful testimonials from such scummy sounding men. What's the problem with magazines and sites like MSN? Why do all these stupid lists revolve around such base behavior? They're never lists like, "10 Reasons Men Are So Loveable." Or "79 Things a Man Will Do for the Woman He Loves." Why don't they go ahead and draw up that list? I'm serious. I think it'd be ridiculous to assume that there is no fallout from the things the media focuses on.

If I could pinpoint a group representing the entire media and said to them, "What do you have to say for yourselves? Look at the damage you've done." They'd say, "Which came first, the chicken or the egg? We were simply representing the problems that were already there." Then I could only say, "Look at yourselves, look at your families." And they'd look, and hopefully their families would be in shambles because of the rule of poetic justic in tragedies and dramas. Then they'd hang their heads in shame and remorse and I'd raise my arms above my head in triumph. Just kidding.

Seriously. I just hate the lists on They suck me in. They do me no good. They're a waste of time. Probably this blog is a waste of your time. Go do something constructive. Go play your guitar. Read a book. Write me a letter. Write your mom a letter. Your grandmother -- she's probably lonely.

I'm not giving you 7 reasons, either, if you were still looking for them. Not today. Like I said, go do something constructive. No 7 reasons today. Nothing.

ps . . . I wrote this entry back in January but didn't have the chance to finish it. So I don't know if the link works anymore.

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