Monday, March 28, 2005


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So, here I am with Stoker and Anna. Uh, we look like we have yellow teeth, but trust me, we don't. I don't know, it's the color of the picture. I've been told by my dentist that I have great teeth coloration. Stoker has great coloration too. I don't know about Anna. I haven't scrutinized her teeth in close detail. That's a good thing, I think.

Anyway, yesterday was my golden birthday. I'm so old now. 27, but it was a VERY good birthday. Stoker woke up and made me breakfast because he's adorable. His sweet family showered me with gifts, as did my mom and dad. Not that gifts are what counts. It's, yes, the thought that counts and all the gifts I was given were really thoughtful.

Some of my friends even remembered. You know how it is, now that I'm with Stoker all the time my other relationships are a little neglected. Plus it's hard, and not necessarily recommended, to continue my relationships with male friends. But we keep in loose contact and it's nice that they'd remember. Beau (future rock-star, keep a lookout) and Matt (brilliant mathematician). Sweet.

My sisters also called. They live all over: here, Omaha, D.C. and Philly. So we're not around each other to celebrate birthdays anymore. They were also sweet.

But Stoker IS, obviously, the sweetest. He finalized plans for our honeymoon (Los Cabos, Mexico), which promises to be sweet. That was my birthday present (at my suggestion -- not the location of the honeymoon, just that he focus on that) from him.

Anyway, me, Stoker and Anna, with yellow teeth. My jaw is doing some weird thing, too. It's not that pronounced, normally. Oh, and it's off-center because Anna was holding the camera. And yes, Stoker's eyes are half-closed. It's his curse to always be caught with his eyes closed when someone's taking a picture.

(Anecdote moment: when he was getting Lasik done to his eyes, the doctor told him he had small eyes and now he thinks he has bitty-baby eyes. It made me laugh my head off when he told me that afterwards, every time he looked in the mirror he thought he had small eyes. He doesn't. Stupid doctor. So anyway.)

p.s. this post sucks. Sorry. It's raining and gloomy and I can't write. Nor can I think clearly. And cleverly? No chance.


BeauxEllis said...

real nice blog here nickey- it got some giggles out of me. keep me on the headz up with the label- i'm excited it too- you and stokey rock!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear aries327: I've been meaning to wish you a happy belated birthday. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! Let's go to dinner or something on me ok? Ok.