Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Crowded Cities: More Room in the Country for Me

Contradictions are nice. I love contrasts. I get a kick out of simultaneously hating people and loving them all at the once.

For example, I love how irritating traffic is. Where have all these people come from? Where are they hiding on a Sunday morning? They're like lemmings. They go into their homes on the weekend, multiply like rabbits, and on Monday morning it's like the population has swelled by fifty thousand.

They say by 2030 sixty percent of the world's population will live in cities (link). I don't know if that strikes fear into the heart of other people, but it does into me. They say as you grow older, your pain threshold increases (link). Maybe that's true, but I can't find any scientific data to support the theory that as you age, your tolerance for crowds decreases. I know that mine has.

There was a loud group of people in the café where I went at lunch. They were shouting and whooping and clapping like they were at a revival. I looked around for a preacher, but didn't see one. I looked around to see if anyone else noticed the discrepancy between the environment and the behavior of the people at that table. Everyone else seemed engrossed in their own thing.

Their loud, boorish antics went on. I could see that one of the guys was telling a story and two of the ladies were very into it. I wonder what he was saying. It must have been hilarious.

As a group they earned my disdain. As individuals, I'd probably appreciate them. Beautiful contrast. But I'm still going to buy a home in the country first chance I get.

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