Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Houseplant Liberation Committee at Work

I feel bad for the plants in my office. I just barely noticed that we have a few of them in my immediate work area. I have to say that if I were a plant, I'd want to be in a room with windows.

How do they even survive? There's absolutely no trace of sunlight in here, reflected, stray, or otherwise. Everything I've ever learned about plants is that they like to be in direct sunlight or at least near sunlight (indirect).

I suppose some of my co-workers keep the plants as a cheery reminder that there is life beyond this cold, dark dungeon where we work. Unfortunately for the plants they have no legs and thus no choice about being here, there, or anywhere. They are where we put them, whether it's in a cold cellar (like my workplace) with no light, or out in the middle of a treeless meadow with too much light.

Fortunately for us, when we're done with our shift here, we get to leave this dank basement behind to go outside and go home and along the way feel actual, real sunshine on our bodies. And we don't even need the sunshine for energy production like plants do.

I'm about to liberate some houseplants. I'm going to do it. Don't try to stop me!


Dani said...

Love it! Save 'em, save 'em...

Aries327 said...

Yeah. I did! They're out in the streets turning into vines on the buildings! They're climbing the telephone poles and their roots are breaking through the concrete!

It's beautiful.