Monday, July 23, 2007

A Few Days Later, the Healing Begins

It's hard to be mad about the house now. I feel like I've gone through a break up. I had my heart set on that house, you know? There was a short period of shock, disbelief, and mourning. But now I'm at the vengeful stage.

"How could the house do that to me?! Who did it think it was? That lying bastard!"

Honestly, now I just count myself lucky that we got out relatively unscathed. I mean, there are scars, of course. Of course there are scars. But at least we found out early on that it wasn't quite what it appeared to be. Before we got in too deep. Before we'd gotten too committed and breaking up would cost twenty thousand in repairs and a structural engineer to vouch for it's soundness. You know what I mean?

So, I'm moving on. And I think anyone who'd take that house would have to be a blind idiot. If they're smart, their love affair will be short-lived. Just long enough to figure out what lurks below the surface, in the crawl space (might I say it?). No backbone. You know. Nothing there. No integrity.

Integrity and backbone. Two essentials for a good relationship. With a house or a human.


Jodie K said...

I feel your pain. But you know, when God/buddha/the goddess closes a door....oh, ef it!

Hard not to attach emotionally, huh?

Aries327 said...

Yeah. That's the way it goes. It's a learning process. But you're right. Something better will come along. I never believed people when they'd tell me that about men. But it was true, ultimately.

Jodie K said...

...and come to think of it, the first townhome I put a bid on I also retracted after the inspections because without the veneer of way too much furniture to hide what was beneath, the place was a mess! And then I found this perfect little place months later ;)

Aries327 said...

No kidding! We find that as we look, SO many people's houses are full of crap. Just bursting with stuff. You wouldn't believe it. No wonder they're moving -- they need more room for all that shit. There's also an embarrassing amount of wood paneling on walls.