Tuesday, July 03, 2007

What to Do for the Fourth

I have a day off tomorrow. In the middle of the week. I know they can't change the day the country gained independence, but would they? I mean, it doesn't help me much to have a day off on Wednesday, unless I take two extra days off.

They do other things, I don't know why they wouldn't move the fourth to a Friday or a Monday.

So what to do with that one day? I'm not sure yet. We just barely found out Stoker won't have to work. All I know is that we won't be camping. Tennessee isn't a great place to camp in the summer. Have you seen the bugs here? Well, rest assured they've seen you and they like what they're seeing. They're thinking it's time for a feast. They're thinking pass the salt and get me a knife and a bib.

Yeah, so be careful. I'm not kidding. Especially be careful if you're used to a four-season high desert with just a spider or two and an occasional stink bug. The bugs here have longer to evolve. Soon they'll be building tiny cities with tiny technology: anti-aircraft missiles, nuclear bombs, and giant robots they control in a cockpit behind an eyeball. It will be war on the human race. The bugs will win, enslave humanity, and reign supreme over the earth.

That's how it feels in Tennessee at night. In the woods. Bug spray is futile, so don't even try it. They'll only laugh.


Jodie K said...

The good thing about the one day off smack dab in the middle o' the week is that most of my colleagues appeared to have taken the two days before or will take the two days after as well. So, in truth, it is like a break all week.

Given it has gone Africa hot here in Denver, my plans for the big bang day consist of Macy's and lunch at California Pizza Kitchen, all in the cool comforts of my mother ship; the mall.

Jodi said...

Well, here in Canada I plan to celebrate the 4th of July by going blonder. I might bye a cherry pie or something.

I'm guessing they don't really do much for the 4th around here. :)

Aries327 said...

Jodie K, the best thing about the mall is that it's air-conditioned. And I also love the food courts. I hope you had a great time there and maybe tripped some no good hooligan kids as they walked past you. They're no good.

Jodi, just because the Canadians don't celebrate doesn't mean you shouldn't buy some fireworks and start your own community fireworks tradition. :)

Incidentally, we set off our own fireworks. The big ones. The ones that go into the sky. It was damn cool.