Friday, May 20, 2005

Black and White Days and Sauerkraut Festivals

This weekend I’m going up to Richmond with Stoker. I say up, because as we all know*, locations that are north in latitude are ‘up’ while locations that are south of where you are, are ‘down.’ Many people mix that up**.

But anyway. I’m going to a sort of festival/celebration called Black and White Days in Richmond (pop. 2,000). It has to do with cows and an auction. I think. I think there will be other animals. Maybe goats and pigs. There’s a parade. Hopefully there will be candy tossed from the parade participants. Hopefully there will be salt-water taffy in the candy mix. Saturday morning -- though I’d love to sleep in -- I’m supposed to run in the Black and White Days race with Stoker and his dad.

If you don’t already know, Richmond is home of Big J’s, the joint Uncle Rico and Kip have shakes and fries in, in the movie Napolean Dynamite. Just to familiarize you with the area.

Most of all,
I’m looking forward to seeing the new baby goat (Stoker’s parents have goats). These are pet goats, in case you’re thinking otherwise. And there might be another baby goat born while I’m there. I’ve never been around a live birth before, with animals or humans. So I’ll let you know how it goes. I’ll also give you a report of Black and White Days, which promises to be exciting and entertaining. Check back often.

FYI, my folklore mentor, Barre Toelken, has told me that the best sauerkraut he’s ever had was in Providence, UT (beating out Germany and Austria). A town not far from Richmond. I’m telling you that to illustrate the beauty of small towns and small town festivals. I’m not quite certain how it does that, but nevertheless, there it is: for great sauerkraut go to Providence. There's even a festival called the Sauerkraut Festival (short on creativity, but long on good sauerkraut. What?) every September.

*I made these rules up. But they work.
**Ha ha. The only exception is something that’s directly west or east of you, but is lower in elevation. In that case you may use down to describe your destination. As in, “I’m going down to the beach.” Also, if you’re on top of a mountain and you want to go down the mountain to a location that’s north of you, then you can say “I’m going down to Ogden,” or something.


Anonymous said...

If I'm not mistaken, I believe the Big J's you made reference to is the one in Preston, Idaho, where the film was created...I'll look into that.

Stoker said...

Hmmm... Nope. Nikki's got a pretty good source of information about Big J's. Me! Even though the film was made in Preston, and there is a Big J's in Preston, the one in Richmond is the one that makes the appearance in the movie. I'm guessing this is so because it features some down-home qualities that the new-fangled Preston joint doesn't have, such as vintage booths/chairs and a bar. Sadly, however, it was recently torn down to make way for the new 4-lane highway all the way to the Idaho border. But it will live on forever in my memory. Bubble gum ice-cream. That's what stands out the most for me. Did I really like that?

Aries327 said...

Sorry, anonymous. I know the film was created in Preston, Idaho. I've been there many times. But I felt pretty certain the Big J's was in Richmond, because I've also been there many times and have EVEN SAT AT THE SAME TABLE AS UNCLE RICO AND KIP. If you can believe it. And you better, because it's true.

Anonymous said...

My mistake on Big J's. Thanks for looking into it for me.

Anonymous said...

I attended Black and White days years ago and it was pretty cool. I was in Logan for the summer and my roommates talked me into it. I most enjoyed the horse-pulls (kind of a old school tractor pull idea). There was this team of Belgians that majorly out-pulled the next best team. Hope you have a great time!