Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Everyone's a Bastard

At least, that’s how I feel sometimes. The exceptions to that headline are: my family, my friends, Stoker, all people who agree with me about the following subject (and this does not mean that you have to agree with me about politics, just about being inundated with pessimism), Mike Savage, and the Pope (I just like unwavering religious figures, both dead and alive). So, I guess "everyone" means the media, because honestly I don't get into political discussions with people. However, some of my coworkers bring it up, unsolicited by me. I usually don't give them my two-cents, either because I'm not really informed on the subject or because it's just not worth the energy.

Here's the problem: I’m so sick of hearing about how George Bush sucks. If one more person subtly or unsubtly hints to me through any medium—standing by the water cooler in the break room, on the radio, television or web page—that they think the president sucks, I swear I’ll hit them. Well, probably only the people at the water cooler. But I’ll do something rash, like throw my computer monitor out the window or tip over the water cooler. Seriously. I’m so tired of it. What gives? I mean, when Bill Clinton was being duplicitous and lying about crap, you couldn’t find a single person talking about how they wanted to defile
images* of Bill Clinton’s face or make fun of him or sing shitty songs about what a big, fat, humongous liar he was, or about how horrible America is.** It was like a walk in the park as far as popular opinion was concerned. You know? He only perjured, but no media source or single person could even imagine that his finesse for lying would carry over into any other part of his administration. He was great. He was wonderful.

It’s all a bunch of crap. And I’m sick of it. Don’t talk to me, I just want to be alone now***.

*This is a link to the NIN statement that they won't be performing at the MTV video awards because they can't use a large, unmolested picture of Bush's face as their backdrop.
**I used to support Amnesty International, now I just think they're a bunch of misinformed, never-satisfied jerks.
***A joke. Sort of. You can talk to me.


Anonymous said...

Deararies327: Ditto. I have serious issues with the way everyone runs around these days drawing attention to the "rights" they have and...oh, wait, and then they don't give anything back to our country in return.


Sure, we have rights. But we also have responsibilities. There's too much "gimme-gimme attitudes" and criticism right now and not enough respect and gratitude. Maybe the people that keep knocking our current president, and other leaders of our country for that matter, should realize that they are the dipshits that these men and women are trying to lead! Bastards indeed!

Stoker said...

America is a land of opportunity, not guarantees. I didn't come up with this. Someone else said it first.

Anonymous said...

Please don't hit me, but I don't think either Bush or Clinton were great choices for presidents.....they both bug me.

-Bonnie(Stoker's co worker)

The Smoker said...

Hippies piss me off! And I think Amnesty International has got way too many hippies on board. Especially after just watching Hotel Rwanda. There are slightly greater issues for them to concern themselves with. Like, I dunno, thousands of people being murdered, instead of a couple people being tortured.