Thursday, April 14, 2005

Arrested Development

Who knows if they'll read it?

But I thought you might want to:


Dear Fox Big-wigs or Lowly-interns,

I love Arrested Development. I've heard from several, concerned friends that there's a chance the show will be taken off the air. I hope this doesn't happen, but if it does, please find a way to keep the Bluth family alive.

I rarely watch television, except while working out at the gym after work and those are usually Friends reruns. So, I think it speaks highly of your show that I try to always tune in on Sunday nights. Or I watch the Season One dvd's during the weekdays when I'm unwinding, after a long, draining workday, with my equally television-show discriminating fiance (which is to say, I've allowed Arrested Development to enter my "sacred circle" of friends) . I've never been a big fan of television and while what prevails on it is (what I would call) the crap known as reality shows, the humor and character development of Arrested Development is the proverbial breath of fresh air. Ron Howard's steady narration is television-land's last vestige of hope, the anchor amidst the raucous winds of shock-crime-law-and-order-CSI-cutting-people's-guts-out-one-hour-dramas (did you get that? Kind of long and grueling, but then, that's how those shows feel).

So please continue your most intense efforts to keep the Bluths on the air. They kill me, even though you had Buster's hand bit off by a seal. What?

Your most sincere fan,


p.s. "I punish thee!"


Sign the save Arrested Development petition even if you don't watch it. What have you got to lose? Nothing. And you're doing me a favor.


Anonymous said...

You must sign it. All of you. It is a matter of land.

liz said...

This show cannot be cancelled already ---- I've only just discovered it! I spent the weekend watching the first season. Several times. I cannot believe how funny this show is. They wouldn't really cancel it, would they?

Aries327 said...

It seems like a strong possibility, considering that they have their own petition going on the "Arrested Development" website. Did you go sign the petition? Notify anyone you know who enjoys the show of this eventuality. Thanks, Liz.