Tuesday, April 19, 2005

A Post of Explanation. A Legend, if You Will.

Some of you may be wondering about the stuff on my sidebar. First of all, let me explain that I don't really think that I'm a genius. That's a joke. I mean, come on. How many certifiable geniuses are there? If it was so easy to be a genius, then maybe the IQ test would be easier. Then we'd all be geniuses. I don't know what I'm saying anymore (see? Not a genius).

On that note of genius testing, let me explain that I have actually taken a real IQ test. Not one of those ridiculous Tickle web site IQ tests. I don't know how accurate those are, but they're sort of fun. And real IQ tests are in no way fun. More than anything, they're aggravating. My sister, bless her heart, sat me down one weekend during the semester of her graduate studies in which she practiced giving IQ tests (or something like that). Basically she forced me to take the test in order to help her out. And it was horrible, I tell you. Torture. It took many, many, many hours. It consisted of several organize-the-blocks moments and fill-in-the-missing-word tests, and do-this-ridiculous puzzle-even-though-there-are-no-right-answers tests. Near the end of the test (which, clearly consisted of a lot of small tests), I was so fatigued and mentally exhausted and annoyed that I started to purposely give the wrong answers. How’s that for a top-notch intelligence quotient?

And now, because she wasn’t a full-fledged psychologist at the time, she refuses to tell me my score. I refuse to go through another real test just to find out. But, I’m pretty sure it’s somewhere near genius.

Back to the blog. My use of genius is ironic. So don’t get all huffy and offended with me. Either you want to read through my archives, or you don’t.

The sidebar headline about loving me and loving this, is simply to direct you, my reader, to pages I’ve enjoyed in the past and am currently enjoying. My Space Cowboy, for any of you who don’t know, is my one and only Stoker. The man of my dreams in the flesh. And yes, Stoker is his real (first) name. Hence the space cowboy reference, ala Steve Miller, uh, “I’m a joker, I’m a smoker, I’m a midnight Stoker…” you know. Inside joke...Stoker rhymes with probably don’t get it. Never mind. The important thing is that I do. Get it. That is.

Plus there are other links there. Ward-o-matic is some guy in Atlanta or somewhere like that. He does graffiti art, animation and whatnot. Very cool stuff. And Imaginary Mind is actually the first blog I ever read. From North Carolina, I think she does computer stuff and her layout is great. Anyway, she’s pretty damn funny and if you don’t catch her on a funny day, then she’s usually informative in a very clever way (a poem? Or a rap? Not on purpose). I also catch that intern in NY blog, but I didn’t put a link to his blog on this because I have a rule of fives. Just kidding. There's no rule. I just haven’t felt like including him. And Gersh is some writer in NY who is sometimes hilarious. Sometimes not. Usually I disagree with his political opinions, but that’s the beauty of it.

Soul Candy. Self-explanatory. I update it fairly often. If not daily, then weekly.

Dream neighborhood. Self-explanatory. Now go watch the Season 1 episodes of Arrested Development. (Season 2? Hasn’t lived up to the expectations created by Season 1. So no, stick with Season 1).

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Stoker said...

Well, I happen to think that those Tickle type of website IQ tests are reasonably accurate. Plus, they have the upside of not requiring several hours of agonizing labor. Just about 15 minutes. But I would like all to know that I got a score of 133. A friend at work tells me that 130 is genius. So, I'm certified. A certified genius. As are you, I am certain. Keep it coming.